Vibrameter® type IV


For an early diagnosis of nerve damage in neurology, occupational medicine and diabetic care.

The ability to quantify the sense of vibration is valuable in medical examination. Elevated thresholds for detection of stimuli may be the first sign of neuropathological disorder. In certain common diseases such as diabetes, this neuropathy arises directly from, or due to the pharmacological treatment of the disease. In other cases the cause may be exposure to any neurotoxic compounds such as solvents or heavy metals to which industrial workers commonly are exposed.

The Vibrameter determines the stimulus needed to cause the sensation of vibration. This is easily performed on most patients, and a routine check with the Vibrameter may reveal the first signs of a neurological disease. Early discovery of the disease and initiation of treatment at the earliest possible stage may allow a dramatically increased degree of success in subsequent treatment.

NOTE! This product is not for sale for clinical use in the EU.

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